BARGH5 is a 4 digits front panel digital indicator (72 x 144 mm format) suitable for reading a resistance. BARGH5 is the ideal solution for any type of system, application or panel in which there is the need to display a measure of temperature with high accuracy (Cl. 0.5%) and reliability. It’s possible to set useful functions using the frontal buttons, such as: access code, minimum or maximum alarms, measurement update filter, peak measurements, measurement scaling, etc. It’s also equipped with four configurable relay alarms. The auxiliary power supply of the instrument allows use both in systems powered by mains voltage (115/230 Vac) and in systems powered at low voltage by having an extended range power supply 20…60Vac/dc (option).

Input types for model:

BARGH5-01    19.99Ω
BARGH5-02    199.9Ω
BARGH5-03    1.999kΩ
BARGH5-04    19.99kΩ
BARGH5-05    199.9Ω
BARGH5-06    1.999MΩ

Digital meter for resistance measurement – dimensions 72×144 BARGRAPH – 4 digit with ALARMS

  • Accuracy:  0,5%
  • Input: 19.99Ω …  1.999MΩ
  • Insulation: 2kV

Data Sheet

User Manual



Recommended accessories…

Accessori consigliati

  • M1 72144

    IP 54 plumbable splashproof transparent cover – dimensions 72×144

    • Dimensions: 72×144 mm
    • Protection degree: IP54

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  • SID72MP5

    Digital indicator for resistance measurement – dimensions 72×72 – 4 digits with  ALLARMI

    • Accuracy: 0,2%
    • Input:19.99Ω …  1.999MΩ
    • Insulation: 2kV
  • ID5005

    Digital meter for resistance mesurement with high resolution – dimensions 96×48 – 5 digit with RS485 Modbus RTU serial interface

    • Accuracy:  0,5%
    • Input: 99,999Ω … 9,9999MΩ
    • Insulation: 2kV
  • E102R

    DIN rail I/O module for resistances or potentiometers with RS485 ModBus RTU serial interface

    • Accuracy: 0,2% f.s.
    • RS485 ModBus RTU serial interface
    • Two inputs: resistances or potentiometers
    • Analog output (loop powered or load independent)
    • Two digital outputs
    • SD memory card for datalogger
    • Aux. power supply: 18…48 Vac/dc