The E3000 interface is a device capable of providing 3 analog process outputs (0 … 20mA – 0 … 10mA – 0..5mA – 0 … 10V etc.). It can be used with the E2002, E92002, E742002 and E1200 network analyzers by associating the need analogue output with the quantities measured by the analyzers. The configuration is managed directly by the network analyzers in order to simplify the use of this device (each network analyzer can manage up to a maximum of 6 E3000). It can also be used via the RS485 Master serial interface to manage the analog outputs according to your needs. The high conversion accuracy (0.2%), the high insulation between inputs, outputs and auxiliary power supply make the E3000 an extremely reliable device over time and ideal for being connected to complex acquisition systems.

Interface with 3 analog outputs – RS485 ModBus RTU Serial interface

  • 3 analog outputs
  • Accuracy: 0,2%
  • Aux. power supply: 115/230Vac or 24Vdc

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