E-CONNECT is a transparent protocol converter. It allows to connect ModBus RTU devices on RS485 serial and read all registers via ModBus TCP / IP on Ethernet. The high simplicity and reliability allows the use of this device both with instruments of the ESAM range and with other devices. It can be used, for example, to connect various system devices, connected on ModBus Bus, to PLC acquisition systems, HMI interfaces, industrial PCs, etc. The insulation between inputs, outputs and auxiliary power supply allows E-CONNECT to be used in all types of system, guaranteeing high reliability over time.

Gateway RS485 ModBus RTU – ModBus ModBus TCP/IP

  • RS485 ModBus RTU Serial interface
  • ModBus TCP/IP on Ethernet
  • Aux. power supply: 18…48Vac/dc


Data Sheet

User Manual



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