M903-M is a front panel multifunction analyzer suitable for three-phase (3-4 wires or ARON) connection. It’s self-powered (from the measurement signal) and has a current input capable of measuring from 0.05 up to 20 A without the aid of external current transformers. However, it is possible to set CT and VT ratios at will for higher currents and voltages. It is equipped with an LCD display capable of guaranteeing an excellent visualization of the parameters in all needs of use, easy to configure and allows the customization of 9 pages with the needed variables to display, if you want, only what you need . It is equipped with two digital outputs which can be used as alarm or pulse outputs (for energy) and a RS485 ModBus RTU serial interface which allows remote monitoring of all measurement and configuration parameters. M903-M is the ideal instrument for displaying all electric parameters of a three-phase line (voltages, currents, frequency, active – reactive – apparent powers, energies, phase angle, etc.) and in addition to RMS measurements it also provides the fundamental measurements (according to the IEEE 1459-10 standards).

Front panel (96×96 mm) multifunction meter, three-phase (3 – 4 wires or ARON) connection with RS485 ModBus RTU serial interface


  • Three-phase with display
  • Accuracy: 0,2% f.s.
  • RS485 ModBus RTU serial interface
  • Two alarms outputs
  • Touch buttons


Data Sheet

User Manual



Recommended accessories…

Accessori consigliati

  • MT232485

    RS232 – RS485 signal converter

    • RS485 serial Interface
    • RS232 serial interface
    • Aux. power supply: 115/230Vac or 20…60Vac/dc
  • RC-211

    Rogowski Coil – internal diameter 211mm

    • Accuracy 1%
    • 100mV/kA