M903-RM is a front panel multifunction analyzer suitable for three-phase (3 – 4 wires or ARON) connection with reading by Rogowski coil (100mV/kA). It’s equipped with an LCD display capable of guaranteeing an excellent visualization of the parameters in all needs of use, easy to configure and allows the customization of 9 pages with the needed variables to display, if you want, only what you need . It is equipped with two digital outputs which can be used as alarm or pulse outputs (for energy) and a RS485 ModBus RTU serial interface which allows remote monitoring of all measurement and configuration parameters. M903-RM is the ideal instrument for displaying all electric parameters of a three-phase line (voltages, currents, frequency, active – reactive – apparent powers, energies, phase angle, etc.) and in addition to RMS measurements it also provides the fundamental measurements (according to the IEEE 1459-10 standards).

Front panel (96×96 mm) multifunction meter, three-phase (3 – 4 wires or ARON) connection with RS485 ModBus RTU serial interface

  • Three-phase with display
  • Accuracy: 0,2%
  • Input from Rogowski coil
  • RS485 ModBus RTU serial interface
  • Two alarms outputs
  • Touch buttons

Data Sheet

User Manual



Recommended accessories…

Accessori consigliati

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    • RS232 serial interface
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