MT-PAR32 is an active and reactive power transducer, suitable for unbalanced 3 wires three-phase systems (ARON), which converts the signal taken from the system into an analog process signal (0 … 5mA – 0..20mA – 4 … 20mA – 0 … 10V etc.) suitable for acquisition through PLC or data management systems. The MT-PAR32 transducer is the ideal solution for all types of systems, it’s able to guarantee high insulation (4kV) between input and output and to perform measurements with acquisition times <50 msec (option), high accuracy class (0.5% or 0.2%) and manages signals up to 500V – 10A. It can be supplied with RS485 ModBus RTU serial interface which allows remote monitoring of all measurement and configuration parameters. When supplied with a serial interface, the transducer can be configured using PrTrasd software with which it is possible to set the input range, output range, perform output tests, etc. The two analog outputs allow to simultaneously acquire the active and reactive power of the system. The auxiliary power supply allows it to be used both in systems powered by mains voltage and in systems powered at 24Vdc by having an 18…60 Vac/dc extended range power supply on board.

DIN rail active and reactive power transducer – unbalanced 3 wires three-phase connection (ARON)

  • Three-phase 500V 10A max
  • Accuracy 0,5%
  • RS485 ModBus RTU Serial Interface
  • Two analog output
  • Insulation 4kV

Data Sheet

User Manual



Recommended accessories…

Accessori consigliati

  • CM-MT10

    Terminal covers for transducer series

  • ESK 61.4

    Cable or bus bar current transformer

    • Accuracy: 0,5%
    • Cable dimension: 44 mm
    • bus bar dimension: 63 x 10 mm
    • Range: 400 … 1500A
  • MT232485

    RS232 – RS485 signal converter

    • RS485 serial Interface
    • RS232 serial interface
    • Aux. power supply: 115/230Vac or 20…60Vac/dc

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  • MT-UN32

    Universal DIN rail converter – unbalanced three-phase 3 wires connection  (ARON)

    • Three-phase – 500V 10A max
    • Accuracy0,5%
    • RS485 ModBus RTU Serial interface
    • Analog output
    • Insulation 4kV
  • M403

    DIN RAIL multifunction meter, three-phase (3 – 4 wires or ARON) connection



    • Three-phase with display
    • Accuracy: 0,2% f.s.
    • Two alarms outputs