VN20-N is a measuring voltage transformer of the 4000 Series that allows you to take the primary voltage in the system (from 100 to 1000V) and bring it to a voltage value suitable to be read by measuring instruments such as digital indicators, analog meters and ESAM transducers (ex. ID3002-TV, MI96C, MT-Va, MT-V, MT-PA1 etc.). The VN20-N transformer is the ideal solution for your system and guarantees an accuracy class of 0.5%, a safety factor FS5 and an insulation class E. The insulation voltage is 3kV for 1 ‘ and is built according to EN 60044-2 standards.

Measuring voltage transformer with 2 isolated poles

  • Accuracy: 0,5%
  • Burden: 20VA
  • Range: 100 … 1000V

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