IDC806 is an universal counter suitable for all types of sensors (NAMUR, NPN, PNP, Push-pull, clean contact, ENCODER), capable of reading speed, altitude, frequency, period or incremental counter coming from a sensor. It’s a very versatile and simple to configure tool, equipped with an encoder or sensor power supply, it can be supplied with an analog output (0 … 5mA – 0..20mA – 4 … 20mA – 0 … 10V etc.) suitable for acquisition via PLC or data management systems and two RS485 ModBus RTU serial outputs which allows remote monitoring of all measurement and configuration parameters. The universal counter IDC806 is the ideal solution for systems of all types, provides a multiplicity of functions:

  1. secret code for access to programming
  2. programmable multiplication or division constant
  3. count increase or decrease according to the front of the input signal
  4. time constant and number of wheel teeth for the tachymeter function
  5. programmable time base for the frequency meter function
  6. average sampled values ​​and display update time
  7. programmable reset from front buttons
  8. supported functions for alarms: trip value, type of comparison (≤, ≥, =), residence time, autoreset, self-reset

It’s also able to guarantee high precision (± 1 digit) and thanks to 4 relay outputs provided by 4 alarm signals useful for system signals and management of the same. The auxiliary power supply of the instrument allows the use both in mains voltage systems, and in 24Vdc systems by having an 18…60 Vac/dc extended range power supply on board.

Universal front panel counter

  • One chanel from NAMUR, PNP, NPN, Push-pull, contact, ENCODER
  • Accuracy 0,5%
  • Two RS485 ModBus RTU Serialinterfaces
  • Analog output
  • 4 configurable relays outputs

Data Sheet

User Manual



Recommended accessories…

Accessori consigliati


    Gateway RS485 ModBus RTU – ModBus ModBus TCP/IP

    • RS485 ModBus RTU Serial interface
    • ModBus TCP/IP on Ethernet
    • Aux. power supply: 18…48Vac/dc


  • M1 9648

    IP 54 plumbable splashproof transparent cover – dimensions 96×48

    • Dimensions: 96×48 mm
    • Protection degree: IP54

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